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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW 4 Series Coupe/Gran Coupe

Overall verdict
Solid, enjoyable and desirable, but not quite a thoroughbred sportster.


Clean yet powerful engines, sophisticated suspension, classy looks


Gristly manual gearbox, unexceptional interior, expensive options


What is it?

The number 4 is a new one for BMW. But don’t be deceived, because really this is the new 3-Series Coupe. The 4 is wider and has a lower centre of gravity than the car it replaces, meaning it’s actually more koop-ish than ever, and up to 45kg lighter. Although it’s based on the 3-Series saloon (with a couple of doors removed, of course), it’s been fiddled with so it behaves in a more sporty manner than the four-door 3. 

As, indeed, does the… um, four-door 4, the 4-Series Gran Coupe. Blurred boundaries be dammed: if Audi can make hay with the A5 Sportback coupe-hatch, reckons BMW, then why not us?

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