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Mitsubishi Mirage

Overall verdict


Standard kit is decent. Marginally more comfortable than the bus


Pretty much everything else
Expensive, slow, horrid to drive. A mass of metal without sense or relish or ability or anything, really.

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Our choice


1.0 5dr


What we say: 

Thinking about buying a Mirage? Don't. Now you can't say we haven't warned you. Especially awful

What is it?

This is Mitsubishi’s bargain-basement supermini. And you should avoid at all costs.


The steering is slow and vague. It rolls extensively. Grip levels are non-existent. Every lump and ruffle in the road is transmitted directly to your backside. It’s inexcusably noisy. Hell, there’s so much slack in the steering that you can’t tell which way the wheels are pointing…

On the inside

There is a lot of kit - electric windows, USB connection, climate control and keyless entry are standard on the top-spec Mirage - but they don’t disguise the irredeemably cheap fabrics or brittle-feeling plastics. The hard, unsculpted seats look and feel like they’ve been lifted straight out of a circa-1991 Peugeot 106, and the headlining’s so thin, you could probably read through it.


There’s only one engine, it’s a 79bhp 1.2-litre petrol which ducks below the 100g/km of CO2 tax threshold, so there’s no annual VED to pay. Combined with a featherweight 845kg mass and low drag coefficient, the engine also manages a gallant 65.7mpg and 99g/km CO2. It’s also got the tightest turning circle in its class, and improves on its predecessor’s (the Colt) bootspace by 75 litres to 235.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.2 Juro 5dr
11.7s 100g/km 65.7 79 £11,499
The cheapest
1.2 Juro 5dr
11.7s 100g/km 65.7 79 £11,499
The greenest
1.2 Juro 5dr CVT
12.8s 99g/km 65.7 79 £12,499


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