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Morgan Aero Supersports

Overall verdict


Beautifully left field, yet brilliantly enjoyable


It's very expensive for an occasional toy
Rationally looked at it’s ridiculous, but that’s what makes it so brilliant.

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Our choice


V8 Targa 2dr


What we say: 

And achingly beautiful car, made from good solid trees by good solid Brits

What is it?

Like nothing else on the road. The Aero Supersports is the development of the Aero 8 and its limited run Aeromax special. It’s taken cues from both, being open-topped like the Aero 8 and as achingly good-looking, beautifully detailed and as expensive as the Aeromax. It might be hand-built in a tiny factory down a small street in Malvern, England, but it’s got the might of BMW behind it, the Aero Supersports being powered by the Bavarian firm’s 4.8-litre V8.


With plenty of Bavarian muscle shifting not a great deal of weight, the Aero Supersports lives up to its name. It’s seriously rapid, in a way that few cars are today. That’s simply because there are no electronics to help you, leaving you with just your right foot to mete out the 368bhp to the rear wheels. There’s a manual or an auto, and unusually we’d take the latter as you’ll be busy enough holding on to worry about shifting cogs. It really is as other-worldly as its looks suggest, the Aero Supersports’ ability to gather speed backed with a side-exiting exhaust that’ll send pedestrians scattering and affix a grin on your face the size of the Joker’s. Take the roof off to enjoy it more. The suspension’s taut, but not overly compromising, the steering quick and nicely weighted – a decent amount of information coming through the wheel. The brakes are mighty. Yet for all its ferocity it does civility too, as it’s easy to imagine covering big miles behind the wheel.

On the inside

It’s pretty tight in there, so best enjoy your Aero Supersports when the roof is off – making getting in and out a whole lot easier. You sit low and long, your legs stretched nearly straight out in front of you, the steering wheel close and the door at your shoulder. Sit tight before starting it and enjoy the details. It’s clearly hand-built, with the idiosyncrasies of part’s bin stock squeezed onto the dashboard common to all tiny number, bespoke machines. It’s largely successful too, though the stereo looks like it’s been picked up in Halfords. You don’t need it.


Morgan ownership is a mildly eccentric pastime and the Aero Supersports is perhaps more off the wall than most – with the possible exception of the 3 Wheeler. It’s expensive to buy, but running it shouldn’t be too crippling financially as that V8 doesn’t have to work too hard to shift it. Morgan quotes 26.2mpg for it, and it shouldn’t be far off that unless you’re a complete hooligan. running costs are incidental, as they’ll pale every time you get in it – the Aero Supersports was always an event.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
V8 Targa 2dr Auto
4.2s 256g/km 26.2 367 £126,900
The cheapest
V8 Targa 2dr
4.5s 282g/km 25.2 367 £126,900
The greenest
V8 Targa 2dr Auto
4.2s 256g/km 26.2 367 £126,900


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