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Morgan Plus 4

Overall verdict


Inexplicably charming, holds its value well


'Handmade,' which is code for 'absolutely will break'
A timeless classic. Gloriously impractical, modestly performing thing you won't want to admit you want

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What we say: 

As fine a British institution as cold showers and a caning, and about as comfortable, the Morgan Plus 4 is an antiquated indulgence that you shouldn’t want but absolutely will the second you step aboard

What is it?

The car that it’s always been about, really. Up there in the top ten of reassuring old English clichés, it’s a gloriously impractical, modestly performing jalopy. Lovely.


The Morgan doesn’t handle so much as just steer vaguely. You point it into the middle of a bend and see what happens, making the necessary adjustments all the while. Stately and dignified stuff.

If you relax by sitting on the waltzers, then the Morgan is right up your street. The Plus 4 rides with a surprising lack of consistency and you’ll be watching for potholes more than in most other cars.

The Plus 4 gets a modest but decent 2-0-litre unit provided by Ford. Performance is merely sufficient, and that’s thanks to Morgan’s inherently lightweight ash frame chassis construction, but it always feels slightly too fast.

On the inside

Sit down. Breathe in gently. Morgans have no boot. None whatsoever. There’s also barely enough room in the cabin for you and a size zero model. If you need to bring a toothbrush go buy a BMW Z4.

It’s built by men in a shed in Malvern. But don’t dismiss it for this - Morgan has been around for over 100 years, all in the same family, so it must be doing something right to keep the customers coming back.


A Morgan’s utter timelessness means they hold their value extremely well, and the modern engines are reliable and frugal. If you can afford it in the first place you’ve nothing to lose from there. Except hair and fillings.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
7.5s 162g/km 40.4 145 £35,400
The cheapest
7.5s 162g/km 40.4 145 £35,400
The greenest
7.5s 162g/km 40.4 145 £35,400