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Renault Megane CC

Overall verdict


All-glass folding hardtop is cool, everything else just OK


Convertibles are supposed to impart an air of stylishness to their drivers. This one doesn’t. At all
Not the best-looking coupe-convertible out there, but also not the worst. You can do better if you try.

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Our choice


1.6 dCi 130 Dynamique TomTom 2dr


What we say: 

Dreary convertible with a neat roof. OK engines, OK ride, OK handling. Nothing stands out, hence the average score

What is it?

Council flash, if we’re honest. The kind of car bought as a sop to a nagging housewife, or purchased by younger ladies who want a drop-top but know nothing about cars, except that the Renault dealer is the one with the big sign next to Waitrose. Its USP is the all-glass folding hard-top, which is cool, if completely unnecessary. 


Softened-off suspension means that the Megane CC really isn’t that much fun to drive quickly – understeer is pronounced and early, reigned in by the on-board electronics with a fairly heavy hand. Better at cruising, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of general wobble when the roof is stowed. Stick to urban tooling about.

The same soft suspension that tries to hide the lack of chassis stiffness helps keep the ride comfy, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Renault’s general ability to keep engine noise under control and wind noise to a minimum. The coupe/convertible roofs might not be strictly necessary, but they do impart a feeling of security when you’re jumping in on a bitter morning and hitting the m-way first thing.

Buyers can choose between two diesels - a 1.5 with 110bhp or a 1.6 with 130bhp - or a 1.2-litre petrol. Both the diesels will hit 60mpg, while the petrol manages just over 44mpg. We’d go for the big diesel - it’s the quickest (if you call 10.8secs to 62mph ‘quick’) and the most eco. It’s not even that much more money.

On the inside

Besides the vast improvement in headroom, the interior is standard Megane. And that’s fine - even if it does feel a little old, now. 


Prices start at £23,795, and you’re looking at £25-flat for the one you’ll want - the 1.6-litre DCi diesel. Nevertheless, it should be cheap enough to run. Renault quotes 64.2mpg, and as you’ll be driving it fairly sedately (we bet), you should get pretty close. 

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.6 dCi Dynamique Nav 2dr
10.8s 115g/km 64.2 130 £24,990
The cheapest
1.2 16V TCE Dynamique Nav 2dr
11.0s 145g/km 44.1 130 £23,600
The greenest
1.6 dCi Dynamique Nav 2dr
10.8s 115g/km 64.2 130 £24,990


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