They don't make the sportiest or most comfortable cars, but they are a great alternative to someone who doesn't want all that comfort of a Merc and all that boy-racer abilities of a BMW. Amongst the big three Germans, Audi makes the better looking cars.

  • A3

    Audi's entry sedan to German luxury

  • A4

    Audi's bestseller gets plastic surgery. And becomes a nagging worry for other Germans in the game

  • A6

    Good-looking, accomplished executive saloon - now with that beardy front grille after the redesign

  • A7 Sportback

    Perfect mix of sportiness, comfort and styling evokes instant desire. You'll never feel you're in a four-door.

  • A8

    You can't ask for a more perfect car than this. Not for ordinary mortals

  • Q3

    Audi says this rivals the Range Rover Evoque! Not sure about that, but definitely a lot capable

  • Q5

    It may not have the panache of the Q7 that Bollywood loves, but the Q5 does mean business

  • Q7

    Odd looking and enormous seven-seats sports utility vehicle that will put frighteners on Mercedes and BMW

  • R8

    A low flying aircraft that will happily come with you to work.

  • RS5

    The sabre-tooth in sheep's clothing. No other car gives you so much performance, with so much practicality at so much of a price.

  • RS7

    The most powerful Audi in the Indian lineup. Plus you get rear seats and a boot.

  • SQ7

  • TT

    The defining look of the late nineties, now refined in the new car. More importantly, the new one drives even better.