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30 May 2014

Review: Audi Q5 S-line

With the S-line treatment, the Q5 now has more grunt. More understated posh too...

Abhinav Mishra
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It's true, you really can’t have too much of a good thing. So if you have the money, what’s wrong with asking for some more? Take the Audi Q5, for instance.

Here’s an SUV that comes with enough creature comforts and 2.0-litre petrol and diesel motors to take care of your basic driving needs. But if you’re looking for some sportiness to add to the mix, and like any true Indian, you want good fuel economy as well, you should surely look at the Q5 V6 TDI S-line.

Why the S-line? Well, primarily because this trim is only available in the V6 TDI variant. Which means you get a torquey motor and good fuel economy, but more on that later. The S-line gets 19-inch five-spoke alloys, and an S-line badge on the front fenders. All exterior changes are on the subtle side, so you know this car is special without being too loud about it.

Step inside and there’s an S-line badge on the door sill. The interior is fairly driver-focussed and comes wrapped in fine leather. The panoramic sunroof is one of the best features and looks stunning at night.

And the S-line is not all show and no go. The V6 TDI motor has enough grunt to reach 100kph in 6.5sec, thanks to its 245bhp and 580Nm. The 7-speed S-tronic ’box provides seamless gear changes, although we really miss the paddle shifter for those quick overtaking manoeuvres.

If you prefer changing gears manually, the stick shift can be slotted into Manual mode. For most of the time, we like using Sport mode, which only shifts once the needle passes 4,000rpm, letting you enjoy the turbo for a tad longer.

In regular Drive mode, shifts are at around 3,000rpm. The suspension is set up more for a plusher ride than outright handling. So when you throw it into a corner, you’ll find the car nose-heavy as it tries to manage all that mass. On our regular run, the SUV ran through one litre of fuel in 8.25km. That should be good enough for most people investing in an SUV costing half a crore.

The Q5 S-line has more than enough grunt for your daily commute plus your speed thrills. And its fuel bills won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We would’ve liked it if the S-line came with a few extras, such as a sporty three-spoke steering wheel and paddle shifters. On the outside, we were expecting more prominent cues to separate it from the lesser variants.

The regular Q5 is well equipped to begin with, and this S-line trim is cherry on a well-iced cake.

The numbers
2,967cc, V6, 245bhp, 580Nm, 7-speed dual-clutch, AWD, 0-100kph – 6.5sec, Rs 55 lakh (ex-Maharashtra)

The verdict
V6 motor, diesel economy, and you know this will be one fun SUV to drive.

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