You really need a description? If you are the kind of guy who has the kind of money to splurge on a Bentley, you really don't. In a line, it's phenomenally fast, phenomenally luxurious, and of course, phenomenally expensive.

  • Continental GT

    The new and thoroughly modern Bentley. Sumptuous, superb over distances, and with more appeal to younger millionaires.

  • Continental GTC

    A fine example of what good genes can do. More power is always better, says Bentley. They are right.

  • Flying Spur

    Everything Bentley about this although some hairs on the back of the neck still stay down. Is it because it's a four-wheel drive?

  • Mulsanne

    For a car that costs close to Rs 3 crores, it's outright ugly. But then, money can't buy you taste.