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11 May 2012

Bentley Continental GTC SS ISR driven

Outmoded and laden with odd detailing it may be, the GTC ISR is still one of the best GT droptops
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Built to celebrate Kankkunen's world ice speed record, this Bentley Conti GTC Supersports ISR is not one for the shy and retiring. Even Bentley describes it as ‘dramatically extrovert'.

Red is the order of the day in the ISR, which is limited to 100 cars worldwide. There are red graphics down the flanks (you can delete these), red inserts in the bonnet vents, red weave in the carbon fibre on the dash. Even the Breitling clock has a red accent. Thankfully, the leather upgrades, like the soft-grip steering wheel and diamond-quilted Alcantara on the doors and seats, are not red. Good.

What's amazing about this car is that even though it's the most powerful Bentley ever - 631bhp and 800Nm - this Supersports ISR version of the now superseded GTC (a heavily facelifted model was launched recently) still rides and drives with huge refinement. You'd never think it was on 20in wheels the way the car absorbs bumps.

But the ISR version doesn't alter any of these mechanical bits. So all you end up with is an over-the-top GTC Supersports - far better to just buy a normal version. Especially as the record it commemorates has since been broken.

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