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20 April 2012

Audi buys Ducati

What’s next? Versace?

Abhinav Mishra
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Everyone is scratching his or her head with this news that Audi now owns Ducati. Not that it comes as a surprise, the VW group wanted to have a bike brand under its belt for quite sometime and Audi had tried to bid for Ducati earlier as well.

But does it make sense for Audi to buy an exotic bike maker like Ducati when it has no experience in the bike market? Looking at Audi’s previous acquisition like Lamborghini we surely think so. Lamborghini was at its last leg when Audi came out of nowhere and bought the company. Since then Lamborghini has seen its sales grow and fortunes increase.

Audi claims that the acquisition of Ducati gives the German company access to Ducati’s engine technology and lightweight construction. We simply think Audi employees wanted something personal to race against BMW bikes on track days.

Though Audi has not revealed the buying price, for Ducati analyst suggest it should be around 1.1 billion USD.

Now with Lamborghini, Italdesign and now Ducati under its belt, you think Audi will go after Versace? Bikers and car lovers - speak your mind in the comments below.


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