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05 July 2014

Bike vs car drift battle

Watch two wheels take on four in an explosive duel for sideways supremacy

Rowan Horncastle
Car image

What's better, car or bike? The debate that's raged since the very dawn of, erm, powered wheels has just entered a new phase: drifting. Oh yes.

See, the standard argument from the leather romper suit crowd runs that even a mediumly affordable superbike is far faster than even the most super of supercars. Which, at a track, on a straight, tends to be true, as skeletal, topply motorbikes boast a better power-to-weight ratio than fat, lumpy cars. But, when they're faced with the wiggly bits, bikes struggle as they only have two contact patches to deal with braking zones and corners. Advantage car.

But what about sideways? In a car, drifting's a balancing act between steering angles and throttle inputs. Whereas, on a bike, it looks quite literally like a scary balancing act.

Click play below to see stunt rider Joona Vatanen and drifter Harri Kosunen in an explosive battle to prove their respective weapon of choice as sideways champ. Then let us know if you think the drift crown belongs to two wheels or four below.


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