Caterham spawns motorcycle division

05 November 2013 - 09:18

Caterham spawns motorcycle division

Caterham only recently launched its Moto2 race team, but we didn't see this one coming - the group's got itself a motorcycle division now, and it's called Caterham Bikes. And they've come up with three all-new motorcycles at EICMA today.

Well, not motorcycles yet, these are prototypes that are scheduled for launch next year. First up is the Brutus 750, a bike that, like its Popeye namesake, is all brawn. But this, dubbed the 'SUV of motorcycles', doesn't forego brains. The first of the prototypes to hit production, the Brutus is an automatic transmission-equipped street bike which can also go off-road and, if needed, transform into a snowmobile in less than four hours (isn't an Autobot, no).

Next up is the Classic E-Bike - and it is probably the coolest of the lot. Styled to look like one of those really old British motorcycles, the Classic E-Bike provides a range of 40-80kms, and you don't need an EU licence to ride one.

The final prototype is the Carbon E-Bike, which takes inputs from Caterham's F1 team, is set to be a limited-run version using premium (read: expensive) materials. They say the company's key growth market will be in Asia, and that all three bikes will be priced affordably.

Caterham's jumped into the two-wheeler battlefield, now where's that Lotus superbike?

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