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23 July 2012

Deepika Padukone is the face of Yamaha Scooter

The scooter may not be out yet, but we now know who'll be riding them in commercials

Abhinav Mishra
Car image

Not to be left behind Yamaha has joined the scooter bandwagon too, and though we do not know any details on their upcoming scooter, Yamaha Ray, we did get introduced to the new face of Yamaha scooters.

While Hero Motor Corp has Priyanka, Mahindra has Kareena and TVS has Anushka, Yamaha have got themselves a very attractive looking Deepika Padukone as their brand ambassador.

Deepika will be the face of the new Yamaha Ray and will make appearances in commercials, set to appear with the launch of the scooter. The active image of the actress will complement the sporty and stylish scooter that Yamaha is targeting at women under the age of 24 years.

The Yamaha Ray will go on sale next month, so stay tuned for our stellar coverage of that.

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