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22 January 2014

DSK Hyosung to bring three new bikes to the Delhi Auto Expo

A small-capacity cruiser with a sporty naked and a tough-as-nails all-terrain bike for company - DSK Hyosung shows all its wares in Delhi next month

Amaan Ahmed
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When we recently spoke to Shirish Kulkarni, the man calling the shots at DSK Hyosung, we asked him when would Hyosung's small bikes be rolled out in India. The end of 2015 is what Shirish mentioned. Even though that's still more than a year before Hyosung enters India's highly-lucrative mass market segment, it's not like DSK will just let 2014 slip past. It is bringing a total of three new motorcycles to the Delhi Auto Expo next month, of which at least two will go on sale in India this year.

The first of which is a name that most of us are familiar with - the Aquila 250. Kinetic had brought the Aquila to our shores many moons ago, and after the operation went bust, the Aquila went off sale, but you can still find plenty of them on the streets. DSK is bringing it back into our market, and it still uses a 249cc, oil-cooled V-twin that makes around 28bhp and 22Nm of torque. A five-speed manual gearbox transmits power to the chain-driven rear wheel. In terms of size, it'll be a shade larger than something like a Bajaj Avenger, and in terms of price, it will be positioned someplace close to the GT250 R, it may even undercut it. So expect a sub-Rs 2.50 lakh price tag on the Aquila 250 when it is launched at the Expo next month.

The GD250N is Hyosung's second bike for the 12th iteration of the Delhi Auto Expo, and is most likely the second Hyosung slated to go on sale here this year. Now, at this point, you may be wondering "wasn't there a naked version of the GT250 R?", and you'd be right. Hyosung does sell a fairing-less version of its small sportsbike abroad, but unlike what most people expected, DSK has decided against bringing in a V-twin street bike, and has instead chosen to go with a more aggressive-looking bike like the GD250N. The GD too gets an engine that displaces 249cc, but unlike the GT250, this is powered by a brand-new, single-cylinder engine that churns out 28bhp, and is paired to a six-speed 'box. The styling is a lot more in-your-face than it was with the GT250, and those muscular body panels and the exhaust tucked underneath the bike point towards the GD's main rivals - the KTM Duke brothers. We're expecting the GD to slot in somewhere between the two, in terms of price.

Last comes the RT 125 D, a bike that's equipped to take on some really rough terrain in its stride, just like the Hero Impulse. It is propelled by a 124cc single-pot motor, which puts out 13.3bhp, a little more than the Impulse, even though the Hyosung is down on the Hero by about 25cc or so. At 125 kilos dry, the RT is even lighter than Hero's off-road machine, though that fuel tank on the Hyosung does seem a tad...inadequate. Hyosung's only testing the waters by showing the bike out here first, and only if it receives positive feedback will it actually think of introducing this in the market.

Bearing in mind that the GD250N has to go up against some seriously accomplished rivals, what do you think would be the ideal price for the naked Hyosung? And though the Aquila will be pretty much the only small-capacity V-twin cruiser on sale, what would be the right price point for it?

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