Ducati at EICMA 2012

16 November 2012 - 07:59

Ducati at EICMA 2012

EICMA, every year, is the biggest show for motorcycle manufacturers, and they do tend to take it very seriously. As one would expect, all top bike-makers would be present with all their latest offerings, and this year hasn't been any different. Ducati has been showing off its machinery at the show, and here are the bikes that caught our attention:

Ducati Diavel Strada

If the current Diavel range consisting of the base, the Carbon and the Cromo wasn't sizeable enough, Ducati have seen fit to unveil a touring version of the Diavel.

Called the Diavel Strada (Italian for 'road'), it comes equipped with a larger seat with improved cushioning, a touring windscreen, higher-mounted handlebar with heated grips, revised tail-lamp assembly, two extra power outlets, passenger backrest and capacious 41-litre saddle bags.

All the additional equipment means the kerb weight goes up by a few kilos, but apart from that, the bike remains unchanged. Expect it to cost a bit more than the standard Diavel as and when it hits Indian showrooms in the near future.

Ducati 1199 Panigale R

The 1199 Panigale is already such a maniacal bike, why would one want a much more hardcore version of it? If you do, however, Ducati will not disappoint you. With the 1199 Panigale R, it now has a flagship for the track enthusiast, which will also be useful for World Superbike homologation purposes.

The Panigale R is essentially a Panigale S, but with lightened, titanium-based components, a full-fledged racing kit, adjustable swingarm pivot and ABS as standard. The engine remains the same, but thanks to the new Termignoni exhaust and remapped ECU, the engine can now rev up to 12,000rpm and produce a little more horsepower and torque at the top of its rev range.

We don't really expect Ducati to bring this version to India, but in case they do change their mind, expect it to be the most expensive Ducati of them all.

Ducati Hypermotard 2013

If you've ever wanted a Hypermotard 796 or 1100, this is the time to grab one, because come 2013, both will meet their end, and in their place will land a new Hypermotard. Yes, just 'Hypermotard', with no additional numbers suffixed.

The reason for that is the all-new 821cc liquid-cooled V-Twin Testastretta engine that will feature in the 2013 Hypermotard. Next year onwards, the Hypermotard will only be available in two versions - base and SP. Both will be powered by the same engine that can produce up to 110bhp in Touring mode, the only difference being the SP's reduced weight compared to the base Hypermotard, with lighter alloys and better suspension. ABS and traction control are available on both bikes as standard.

Pricing might be in the same ballpark as the current Hypermotard prices in our country, and we expect it to be here sometime next year.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Now, for those of you who think the name is a glaring typing mistake, let us sort it out for you. The Hyperstrada is an all-new bike that Ducati has come up with. As the name suggests, the Hyperstada takes the good bits from the Hypermotard (the brand-new 821cc Testastretta V-Twin, for starters) as well as the Multistrada.

So what this bike is, is a slightly more touring-friendly Hypermotard, which is not quite as touring-friendly as the Multistrada. It boasts of power figures that are similar to the new Hypermotard's, but gets stuff like a wider seat, raised handlebars, touring windscreen, larger mudguards, centre stand, engine sump guard, two additional power outlets and two 50-litre saddle bags as standard, which will make life on the highway that little bit easier. Again, the extra bits and bobs mean the Hyperstrada weighs more than the Hypermotard, but is still lighter than the Multistrada. See how neatly they've positioned it?

It will slot somewhere in between both bikes in Ducati's range, and will cost a little more than the Hypermotard, and a little less than the Multistrada. Question is, is it too fine a niche to target?

Which of the new Ducatis excite you most, TopGear.commers?

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