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05 November 2013

Ducati reveals Monster 1200 and 1200 S

Ducati’s original street fighter is back with a bigger engine; do we see a Monster vs Super Duke in the making?

Abhinav Mishra
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After Ducati revealed the Panigale last year, we were pretty sure the rest of Ducati’s line-up would be up for revision. As it turns out, it begins with the Monster at EICMA this year.

The next-generation Monster has an evolutionary approach; so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything new at first glance. The monster is in the details here: notice the shrunken trellis frame attached to the 1198cc engine that is also a stress-bearing part of the chassis. Very much like the Panigale superbike.

The engine is from the Panigale too, and is available in two flavors, the 1200, and the range-topping 1200S. The L-twin 1198cc engine makes 133bhp and 117Nm of torque in the 1200. The 1200S on the other hand gets extra 10 horses, with the power rating being pushed up to 143bhp and 124.7Nm of torque. As you would expect, the 1200S also gets beefier suspension and enhanced brakes to cope with those extra horses.

The TFT colour instrument pod is all-new and has three modes – urban, touring and sports to toggle between. We are still not sure when the Monster 1200 and 1200S will come to India, but knowing Ducati, we expect them to be launched by mid-2014.

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