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08 February 2016

Exclusive: Vespa 946 and GTS 300 coming to India

The ultimate Vespa will arrive with a ₹18,00,000 price tag. No, that isn't a typo...

Amaan Ahmed
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With Vespa, Piaggio isn't keen on playing the numbers game. It has, time and again, made that clear with the way it has priced its offerings: the Vespa 125 and 150 are objects of desire, and aren't designed to sell in the millions. But if pricey Vespas put you off, we suggest you look away right now, because the 946 and GTS 300 are on their way, and they will be heart-breakingly expensive.

But then, you just need to take a look at the 946 to fall in love with it. It has a 125cc motor, runs on 12-inch wheels, it moves. That's about as much it has in common with any other scooter on the planet, for it looks absolutely gorgeous. It'd take quite an effort to make the not-so-common man's Vespa look bland, but the 946 does exactly that. Art commands a premium, and so will the 946.

Speaking to, Stefano Pelle, CEO, Piaggio India, confirmed the news. "The 946 is being homologated for India right now. It is very expensive, is clearly not a mass product. It won't boost volumes, but it's not supposed to. It is an image kind of product."

Pelle also confirmed the GTS 300 will also be joining the 946 in India. While it isn't quite as exotic as the 946, the GTS, with its 278cc, 21.2bhp motor, will easily be the biggest, fastest scooter around. Both will get disc brakes front and back, ABS and traction control as standard, and the 946 will be available in two variants – the Bellissima and the Emporio Armani.

Launch is scheduled for the second half of 2016. Both scooters will be fully imported, and so, will be eye-wateringly expensive. The 946 is likely to be priced at above Rs 18 lakh, with the Emporio Armani edition going for a couple more. The GTS 300 should be (relatively) cheaper, at around Rs 12 lakh.

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