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07 January 2013

Exotic Bike of the Year: Ducati Diavel

All hail the Devil. It doesn’t get more exotic than this

Abhinav Mishra
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Trust the Italians to add oomph to anything they design. Exhibit A: the Ducati Diavel. This is what you get when a sportsbike-maker like Ducati decides to build a cruiser. The ‘cruiser’ tag is the only thing common between the Diavel and other motorcycles in this category.

Dressed in all-black, with not a drop of chrome in sight, the Diavel looks more like a streetfighter on steroids than a cruiser. It’s not just the Diavel’s butch appeal that attracts most non-bikers to this bike. It’s also subtle details like the turn indicators housed below the big air vents, or that red trellis frame – it’s the details that make this bike a timeless masterpiece.

Much like Flora Fountain, a timeless piece of art gracing the heart of the city’s old business district. Flora Fountain is a popular destination for people from all over the country. There’s no shortage of photographers paying homage to the Fountain all day long, but the day we went there, the lenses were aimed mostly on the Diavel, which we’d parked in front of the venerable monument.

It’s not only the bike’s design that we’ve fallen in love with – that’s easy. The Diavel may be sold as a cruiser but it’s still a Ducati at heart. The engine is Ducati’s signature 90-degree L-Twin 1200cc, which belts out incredible power that makes this 210kg monster behave more like a ballerina on the road.

Such extremes of cruiser attitude and outright performance wrapped in one butch-looking package make this our Exotic Bike of the Year. For now, hell rules supreme.

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