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17 December 2013

Here's the first custom 2014 Indian Chief

Indian Motorcycle rummages through its sack of accessories, slaps on everything it can find onto a Classic to come up with the 'Big Chief Custom'

Amaan Ahmed
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Any big-capacity cruiser manufacturer worth the shiny chrome on its bikes knows where there's a cruiser, there's got to be a truckload of accessories close at hand. Harley-Davidson offers a whole plethora of options when it comes to customisation of its bikes, and now that Indian Motorcycle is in the thick of things again, it too will not be left behind in the "bling-my-ride" game.

And this is what it has come up with - the Big Chief Custom. What Indian did, was take a stock 2014 Indian Chief Classic, and hand it to over to a small team led by Polaris Industries' head of Industrial Design Greg Brew, along with a bag full of Genuine Indian Accessories.

The team decided to be a bit more creative in customising the first new Indian, and milled out an aluminium billet girder front fork that harks back to the Indians of yore. The massive 23-inch wheel, a new valance fender, a new single shock and headlight are the additions made up front.

The seat too is the springer kind, like the ones on old Indian bikes, though this one is cantilevered. “Pinnacle Series” accessories like the cam cover, primary cover, chrome grips, beach bars, 'War Bonnet' floorboard pads, a heel shifter, chrome rear fender and fish tail exhaust tips (the bit we like the most), coupled with a custom multi-tone paintjob by team member Steve Lezinski round off the generous list of modifications.

To remind you, Indian Motorcycles is coming to India in about a month's time, and it goes without saying that though this particular Big Chief is a one-off, Indian will offer the same accessories in our market too.

Like where Indian's going with its customisation ideas, dotcommers?

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