Hero Motorcorp's Heroic Display

10 October 2013 - 11:35

Hero Motorcorp's Heroic Display

Hero has gone solo for quite sometime and today CEO Pavan Munjal gave us an account of what to expect in the next six months. Sure the whole lineup will go under the knife for better decals and some added features but what caught out attention the most was the Hero Splendor iSmart, Pleasure, CBZ Xtreme and Karizma ZMR series.

Starting with the Splendor iSmart. Yes it still comes with a 98cc motor that makes around 7.4bhp and still goes like a camel on a gulp of a litre. To improve efficiency further, Hero has developed the i3S technology (Idle Stop and Start System) that shuts the engine when idling at a red light. Not very sure how much i3S will help in squeezing a meter or kilometers out of every litre of fuel. Guess we will have to test Hero’s claim when we do a proper road test with the bike.

The Hero Pleasure (the first scooter in the Hero lineup) on the other hand gets safety features like ‘Integrated Braking System’ (IBS). Similar to Honda’s Combi brake technology, the IBS improves rider safety and provides comfort of a single brake lever for both front and rear wheels. Hero says this is an in-house technology that will be seen in other Hero upcoming products as well.

Coming to the 150cc bike, the CBZ Xtreme has gone though a thorough cosmetic revision. The speedometer, headlight, new LED taillight, and fuel tank have all got design tweaks. On the utility front, the Xtreme also comes equipped with a mobile charger socket that should be handy when your mobile battery runs out of juice. There is also engine immobiliser system for added security.

The biggest bikes in the Hero stable, the Karizma R and ZMR see some serious design revisions. These include twin headlight, front fender, reworked side and front faring and wider tyres. The only visual difference between the bikes (ZMR and Karizma) being the half and full faring.

The 223cc engines on both the bikes (Karizma and ZMR) remain unchanged but Hero claims that the bikes have gained a bit more power. How much you ask? Well, we expect the ZMR's fuel injected motor to now pump out around 20bhp, while the Karizma R's carb unit churn out around 19.2bhp. Expect an extensive review of the Karizma and ZMR once they are launched in the coming months.


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