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06 February 2014

Hero's back with three new products on Auto Expo Day 2

It’s Hero Motors again, this time with two large-hearted new scooters

Christopher Chaves
Car image

Hero MotoCorp turned the spotlight onto three new scooters on the second day of the Delhi Auto Expo – the first of which is the Dash scooter with its 8.4bhp and 9.4Nm-producing 111cc heart.

Second is a slightly more powerful (9.3bhp) 124.6cc scooter called the Dare (centre in pic), whose looks go along the lines of the Honda Dio.

Third in line is the 157.1cc ZIR scooter that has a power output of 14bhp and 12.7Nm. The ZIR features a Forced Dynamic Cooling Air System that is said to maintain an apt temperature of the liquid coolant during long high-speed rides.

The latter also comes with a 9-litre fuel tank and will be offered in two variants – a flat floor-board model (right) and a European style step-thru model (left).

What do you think of these new scoots, dotcommers?

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