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05 February 2014

Honda showcases India-made motorcycle concept

The CX-01 is a two-wheeler that can easily switch between road and off-road duties. And it's been whipped up in India itself

Girish Karkera
Car image

Honda has a India-based R&D centre, and it seems it is even more secretive than its counterpart in Japan. The CX-01 CROSS concept is one of the first complete prototypes to emerge from this decade-old Honda department, and it looks like it is heading in the right direction.

The bike is supposed to have the ability to juggle between being capable both on-road and off it. The ground clearance is raised substantially, while the top half is very conventional and modern-looking. While no powerplant has been finalised, its designers say it will have to be reasonably powerful. Of course, it's not just about capacity because weight has to be kept in check.

The CX-01 seems to have borrowed styling cues from a lot of other Honda bikes. The front fairing, for example, looks like an extension of the Twister and Trigger designs. So does the fuel tank. Chunky tyres may not be ideal for off-roading but will make the bike less cumbersome on roads. While it is still a concept, CX-01 designers did admit that a running prototype can easily be made from the existing unit with very minimal changes.

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