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06 September 2013

Honda's 'limited edition' Dream Yuga out now

Honda's commuter segment warrior gets a dual-tone paintjob for the festive season...and that's it

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

Remember the last time Honda launched a revised version of the Dream Yuga? Yes, that revision had something substantial to offer in the form of Honda's Eco Technology (HET) that helped return more to the litre. Now, after about three months, Honda is offering a limited-run version of its 110cc commuter to mark the festive season, and it gets just what it needed - dual-tone paint.

That's it. A new paintjob for the festivities. Yes, there are accessories like a 3D Honda logo, decals for the cowl & front fender, painted rear view mirrors and a chrome-finish muffler protector that you can opt for, but as standard, the paintjob is the only new bit here.

Rs 49,155 is what this special-run, festive version of the Dream Yuga costs ex-Mumbai, the same as the normal bike.

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