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04 July 2014

Honda's most inexpensive bike is here

CD 110 is the newest, cheapest addition to Honda's 'Dream' motorcycle family
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India loves Honda two-wheelers. So much, in fact, that month after month, Honda sells as many as it can churn out. The 'Dream' motorcycle line-up, which consists of the Neo and the Yuga, has done a solid job, and now, to drive sales figures further north, there's a new addition to the range: the CD 110 Dream.

Technically, the CD 110 is almost exactly the same as its more expensive siblings. It employs the same 109cc, 8.25bhp, 8.63Nm single-pot motor as the Neo and the Yuga, but struts a different sticker job. Like any other commuter bike with the twin-wing logo, this one too sips fuel judiciously – Honda says the CD 110 will run 74 kilometres a litre.

To go on sale later this month, the CD 110 will be available in three different colour combos: black-red, black-blue and black-grey, and will be offered as an alloy-wheeled, kick-start & drum brake-equipped variant only. Rs 41,100 is Honda's ex-showroom Delhi price for the CD 110, which is about two grand less than Honda's previously most inexpensive Dream, the Neo.

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