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02 October 2013

It's the KTM 1290 Super Duke R!

This is it - the biggest, most powerful Duke the world has ever seen

Amaan Ahmed
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125, 200, 390, 690, 990, and on top of the food chain now sits the 1290. The KTM Duke has been sold in many flavours so far, but this is unlike anything the world's ever tasted. This, is the new 1290 Super Duke R, and it is the new leader of the orange pack.

As we'd expected, the Super Duke is all brawn, just like the Prototype that was unveiled at EICMA last year. There's a dual-tone trellis frame, minimalistic tank extensions, and a mean-looking bikini-fairing-clad headlight. The wheels are all-black, but the bike's got a single-sided swingarm, so you get a clear view of that rear wheel. The exhaust is chunky, and all in all, it looks the part.

Now, to the engine - this is a bored-out version of the RC8's V-twin, so now, it displaces 1,301cc, and produces 177bhp (which is actually a little more than what the RC8 makes) and 144Nm of torque, all of which is channeled to a six-speed gearbox. KTM claims that the Super Duke will cross 200kph in a scant 7.2 seconds. 177bhp, in a bike weighing 189kg dry. Yeeehaww!

You get switchable riding modes - 'Rain' curtails power, lets the traction control system take charge, 'Street' is for normal, everyday rides, and then you've got 'Sport', which urges the bike to give everything it's got. 'Supermoto' mode lets the tail slide, and if you're really brave, you can even switch off ABS and traction control completely.

To rein the Super Duke in are Brembo disc brakes front and back, Combined-ABS, and ride-by-wire tech that ensures a twist of the throttle gives you just the right amount of power in any situation. Upside-down forks at the front are from WP, as is the rear monoshock.

It should make its public debut at EICMA this November, but what we know for now is that it's not headed to India anytime soon. But one can always be hopeful, right?

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