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23 December 2013

Launched: Kawasaki Z1000 and Ninja 1000

Kawasaki launches two new bikes in the 1000cc segment - the Z1000 and Ninja 1000

Abhinav Mishra
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We knew that Kawasaki was going to follow up the ZX-10R and 14R with their Z series of bikes. What we didn't expect was that it would happen so fast.

Today, Kawasaki has launched two new products in the 1000cc segment - the Ninja 1000 and the Z1000. Both bikes cradle an in-line four-cylinder, 1,043cc motor that makes 140bhp and 111Nm of torque.

Let's start with the Z1000 that we first saw in Tokyo this year. It follows Kawasaki's Sugomi design theme that captures the essence of 'a crouching predator ready to pounce', according to the Japanese bike maker. And it does look very furious.

The Z1000 focuses more on street performance and that can be seen from its stance. It comes equipped with ABS.

Unlike the ZX-10R which is built for top-end grunt, the Z1000 will focus more on low and mid-range performance. Which means the motor's 140bhp will be more useable in and around the city.

While the Z1000 is more street-focused, the Ninja 1000 is more like the jack-of-all-trades, but focuses more on touring. This can be seen by the 1000's ergonomic riding position.  Like other top-end Ninjas, the 1000 too comes with ABS and traction control.

Both bikes are priced at Rs 12.5 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune and Delhi). With this announcement, Kawasaki also said that a Delhi dealership will be up and running by January 2014.

Kawasaki plans to expand its dealership network slowly and steadily across India, with two dealerships being added every year. If you don't live in Pune or Delhi and are worried about aftersales service, you don't need to worry. Kawasaki will send mechanics over to your garage to ensure timely servicing of your bike.

And just to top it off, Kawasaki ended the launch hinting at the possibility of yet another supersport bike being launched next month. Wonder what could that be?

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