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28 September 2012

Launched: TVS Phoenix 125cc

Out of the flames of rehashes, TVS finally rises with a brand new bike with a brand new engine...
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With a name like Phoenix, there's no mistaking which Flames this motorcycle has risen from. What's so special about a 'bah, humbug' kind of motorcycle, you ask? Well, it's TVS's first offering in a really, really long time. No, we don't consider paint jobs to be all-new bikes.

What makes this all-new is a new motor. The Phoenix's 125cc motor develops 10.85bhp, a healthy figure for this segment - and in case you were wondering, no, this motor comes with only one spark plug.

What we can't understand, though, is why the Phoenix comes with only a four-speed gearbox. After all, the first line of TVS's press release calls it a "premium executive deluxe 125cc motorcycle". A fifth gear would've better justified all those adjectives.

Nonetheless, the Phoenix does get easily adjustable rear suspension and all sorts of features including a digital speedometer, service reminder, digital fuel gauge, trip meter LED pilot lamps, petal discs. Now we know why there wasn't any money left over for that fifth gear.

TVS claims 67kpl for this bike and with an ex-showroom price of Rs 53,000, it shouldn't have trouble finding buyers.

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