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28 October 2016

Mahindra is bringing Jawa back

Mahindra Two Wheelers' Classic Legends arm to revive two iconic motorcycle brands

Amaan Ahmed
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It's an open secret: Mahindra Two Wheelers (M2W) has been struggling. It has been in the business for over eight years, now, and the Centuro and Gusto have failed to make a mark. M&M executive director Pawan Goenka admits M2W "entered the wrong segment", and the company did consider shutting down operations completely.

But it decided against that. Instead, what M2W is doing, is cutting down on its commuter segment investments (no more Centuro/Pantero misadventures) and moving towards a niche market. It's starting off with 'Classic Legends' -- an arm that has acquired BSA Motorcycles and bought the license to sell Jawa motorcycles in India.

The rights to using the BSA name is sub judice in India, so that is a brand meant mainly for the USA and European markets, while Jawa is meant for India and a few other Asian countries.

There will be an all-new line-up for Jawa, developed from the ground up, and the bikes will be produced at Mahindra's facility in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. We're at least two years away from seeing the first new Jawa (think 2019), but Mahindra says the focus will be on recreating the magic of the Jawa design and sound, though the latter will be difficult, considering two-stroke motors will not return. *sniffle*

Both BSA and Jawa bikes will feature no Mahindra co-branding, and will be sold through a separate dealer network.

Oh, and just in case you thought Mahindra forgot the Mojo, it hasn't. It is the sole M2W product the company will continue to invest in. There are four variants in the pipeline -- Tourer, Adventure, Cruiser and Street -- which will be offered across a wider price range and will arrive over the next two years.

So, Mahindra is going down the premium, neo-retro path. What would you like to see on your new Jawa, dotcommers?

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