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24 January 2014

Mahindra launches Centuro N1

Its a more value-for-money variant of the original Centuro. Costs Rs 2,000 less

Devesh Shobha
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Mahindra 2Wheelers reaches a milestone of selling 1 lakh units of its Centuro motorcycle in a span of 6 months from its launch. And on this happy note, it launches a new, cheaper N1 variant to meet its customers' demands.

The Centuro N1, priced at Rs 45,700, ex-showroom, Delhi, is Rs 2,000 cheaper than the Centuro, and will be sold alongside it. What's different on the new Centuro? Well, the digital speedometer of the Centuro is replaced by an analogue one and body graphics are slightly different now. This, as the company says, is a result of "customer feedback".

The N1 continues to be powered by Mahindra's indigenously developed MCi-5, 106.7cc, 8.5bhp motor with a claimed efficiency figure of 85.4kpl. It also gets segment-first features like remote and flip key, anti-theft alarm, find-me and guide lamps and a five year warranty. The Centuro had a waiting period going up to 2 months and Mahindra has taken care of that by ramping up production at its Pithampur plant, bring down the waiting period to almost a week.

It is also expanding its sales and service network which has reached 390 dealers and 1000 touch points across the country. Mahindra claims it is on track with its ambitious plans of launching 8-10 new models in the next 2 years with quite a few of them nearing production.

Now all of that is fine, Mahindra. But please throw some light on when's the Mojo coming.

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