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15 August 2014

Mahindra rolls out the Rodeo UZO 125

Mahindra's 125cc scoot gets racy stripes. And RED wheels
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Mahindra's come up with a new variant of the Rodeo RZ. It's called the 'UZO 125', and it's packing flashy new stickers, a dual-tone, dual-texture, slippage-minimising seat, and as seen on the example pictured above, blood-red steel wheels.

And... that's it. The UZO is, after all, a Rodeo that's taken a bolder approach towards life. As is the case with spruced-up variants, the UZO is mechanically unchanged, so the 124.6cc, 8bhp, 9Nm single-cylinder motor stays put. It's got dual-curve digital ignition tech, which makes it fuel-efficient, and M2W says that the UZO will do 59 kilometres to a litre.

Other features of the Rodeo are a part of the package, so you get a fully-digital instrument cluster, external fuelling, a charging point for your gadgets, a 4-in-1 anti-theft key and 22 litres of under-seat storage space, which is illuminated.

The UZO is available in four colours - two shades of black, and violet and blue - at a price of Rs 47,957 (ex-showroom Delhi), a mere Rs 700 more than a standard Rodeo RZ.

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