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14 May 2013

Man puts plane engine in bike

Nine cylinders, zero silencers. We don’t do bikes on the show, but if we did…
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There's no real logical reason for dressing all in black, or straddling machines that have half the correct number of wheels. But this little number proves that neither are a bad thing. It is a motorbike, and it has an aircraft engine...

Yep. This is the Red Baron - a chopper powered by a 150hp nine-cylinder Rotec Radial R3600 aircraft engine. Unbelievably, working out the fiendishly complex engineering involved in transferring drive to the rear of the engine, and building a custom chassis (not to mention painting, suspension, electronics...) took its owner, Frank Ohle, just 18 months

Some of the video's in German, but wait till it fires up - we're sure you'll pick up the international language of POWERRRRRRRR.

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