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30 January 2014

Moto Morini to debut at the Delhi Auto Expo

Ducati's neighbour to enter our market in partnership with Vardenchi a rival to Ducati

Amaan Ahmed
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The last few days have seen tremendous activity in the Indian bike market - we've seen everything from the launch of the Suzuki Inazuma, Kawasaki Z800, Indian Motorcycle, Terra Kiwami (which, let's not forget, is a 1000cc electric superbike) to Suzuki unveiling the Gixxer and Let's, and Hero going bonkers with its display of five new two-wheelers. And now, we've got ourselves some more new motorcycles.

Come Delhi Auto Expo, Moto Morini, the historic Italian bike manufacturer, will set foot in India. It's not commencing activities here on its own, though. Vardenchi Motorcycles, the custom bike-building outfit, will import and sell Moto Morinis across the country.

MM's launching two bikes initially - the Granpasso, and the Scrambler. The Granpasso is a proper touring motorcycle, whereas the Scrambler is a knobby-wheeled multi-purpose brute. Both bikes are propelled by an 1,187cc V-twin engine that churns out 118bhp and 103Nm of torque in the Granpasso, and 115bhp and 105Nm of spin in the Scrambler. The Morinis share the same six-speed manual gearbox, and get Marzocchi forks up front, as well as Brembo disc brakes fore and aft.

With the Granpasso, Moto Morini will be taking on bikes like the Ducati Hypermotard and the BMW R1200GS. As for the Scrambler, it stays in a class of its own for the time being, with Triumph having skipped its own Scrambler for India. Prices for both bikes will be announced at the Expo, with customer deliveries starting halfway through 2014.

It's an interesting tie-up, this. Vardenchi fiddling with a Moto Morini could throw up some surprising results. Are they on it already? We'll know more on February 6.

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