Nebula showcases ATVs in Pune

02 March 2012 - 04:50

Nebula showcases ATVs in Pune

We love ATVs, and so does every other hot blooded human. So when Nebula Automotive Pvt Ltd formally showcased its range of ATVs in Pune recently, it got us pretty interested. What makes Nebula's positioning different as a brand is that it caters to high-end off-road vehicles at an affordable price.

The brand currently has 12 off-road vehicles in its portfolio, ranging from 110cc off-roaders for kids to 800cc amphibious ATVs for adults. They have two showrooms; the main showroom is headquartered in Pune, while the second showroom is in Navi Mumbai.

Mr. Sukhdev Asnani, M.D. Nebula Automotive Pvt Ltd commented “I have been in the automotive industry for the past 15 years and felt that the off-road market in India has a huge potential. Being an automobile enthusiast myself I thought that such vehicles should be available in India at an affordable price and hence decided to get into the ATV business. We plan to add a few more vehicles in our portfolio by the next fiscal.”

Used for recreational, sports and patrolling purposes some of the Nebula ATVs are undergoing military testing for future use in the forces. Nebula ATVs are assembled at the plant in Pune and are priced between Rs 90,000 – Rs 15,00,000.


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by when can we expect these ATV in the north??? (Delhi)