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06 February 2014

Now available: Triumph Daytona 675

Triumph has launched the most basic version of the Daytona at the Auto Expo

Amaan Ahmed
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When Triumph rolled out its rather long line-up of bikes late last year, one bike that was conspicuous by its absence was the Daytona  675. Yes, they did launch the Daytona, but the version they'd brought along was the 675 R, the hardcore, racy Daytona. It was priced at Rs 11.4 lakh ex-Delhi, which caused a lot of Triumph fans to moan in disappointment. However, Triumph heard potential customers' pleas, and has today launched the base-spec Daytona 675 at the Delhi Auto Expo.

So, what sets this vanilla-flavoured Daytona apart from its R-suffixed cousin? For starters, the standard 675 misses out on Brembo disc brakes up front (replaced by Nissin units). It also loses out on a quickshifter, race-spec Öhlins suspension (KYB items replace those) and some carbon fibre trimmings. The 675's seat is actually mounted 10mm lower than the R's, it is fitted with a different exhaust and here, maximum torque of 74Nm is available @ 9750rpm, whereas the R makes you rev to 11,900 for the same.

And that's all that's different between the two variants. The 675's engine makes just as much power as the R's, and both bikes weigh the same, too. That it still looks smashing even in its simplest avatar is an added bonus.

Now, to the good bit - the 675 drops a handful of features, but it also drops a fair bit off its price tag. At Rs 10.15 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the 675 is well over Rs 1.2 lakh cheaper than the R. It's a good thing, because now you can choose if you want the more focused version, or if the stock variant's hardcore enough for you.

That takes Triumph's number of products on sale in India to 11. Its dealerships in Hyderabad and Bangalore are functional already, with the Mumbai and Pune dealerships set to open by the end of March. Given the current demand, Triumph is hoping to sell 1,000 motorcycles by the end of the year.

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