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08 September 2014

Out now: Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki's FZ-fighter has finally been officially launched. We have details...

Amaan Ahmed
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We were pleasantly surprised when Suzuki revealed the Gixxer to the world a week prior to the Auto Expo. Here was a muscular new 155cc street bike - albeit with a name that reminds you of a legendary litre-class motorcycle - that was going to take the fight to the king of the 150cc naked bike hill, the Yamaha FZ.

Back then, we were told that the bike would be launched sometime between July and August. And though the prices were out a month back, the bike has finally been officially launched now.

Rs 84,344 is what you need to pay to acquire a Gixxer in Mumbai, Rs 79,809 in Delhi, Rs 87,074 in Bangalore and Rs 82,458 in Chennai (all prices, on-road).

At this price, the Gixxer is, quite obviously, gunning for the FZ's crown. Which is why it comes as no surprise that it is so similar to the FZ in so many ways: they are the same height (1,030mm), share an identical wheelbase (1,330mm), have equal ground clearance (160mm), run on 17-inch wheels mounted on a 100/80-section front tyre and a chunky 140/60 rear. Both employ telescopic forks up front, a mono shock at the back, have a five-speed gearbox, and their fuel tanks are the same size as well – 12 litres.

The Suzuki, though, has a bit more power (14.6bhp vs the FZ's 12.9), and a bit more torque (14Nm vs the FZ's 12.8). It's also heavier by three kilos, and it uses a carburettor, something Yamaha ditched in favour of fuel injection on the FZ v2.0.

Calls for a TG-style street brawl, doesn't it?

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