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13 March 2018

Review: Fego float air suspension seat

Is this the perfect riding seat you’ve been waiting for? We find out

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You either know how to ride a motorcycle or you don't. But, that's not really the problem, what is a problem though is the half of the world that cannot ride. They will give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t ride a bike and why four wheels are better than two. We may say no to their faces, but deep down we kind of agree with some of their reasons. You see, one of the most important things when it comes to riding a motorcycle is comfort, and let's be honest, there are a fair few occasions when this is in short supply on two-wheeled transportation.

However, a few days back, I got my hand on an air cushion seat made by a company called Fego. It sounds like something that could solve a lot of problems for a lot of people, well, at least their lower half anyway. So, when we received the seat and I was asked to see if it really works, I thought why not give it a try. It can only make life better during my commute on my motorcycle.

First up, the seat itself - the materials used in the making of this seat are top quality. You can feel it, as soon as you pick it up and explore the various layers that are integrated. On the outside, there’s a fair amount of leather, there’s a fine mesh material in the middle of the seat and even the zipper is of good quality.
So how does this air cushion/seat work? It’s simple. Well, not that simple. Underneath all the leather and other stuff, there is a thick inflatable rubber membrane, which, upon blowing air, forms air cells. This is a tricky part, or rather an exhausting one. If you don’t have some sort of a pump with you, you have to use lung power to fill the cushion, so beware smokers, you might get dizzy. So, what’s the tricky part? Once you are all-set, filling the adequate amount of air, you need to attach this cushion to your seat. And to explain this, let me do that stepwise.

Step 1- lift your bike seat.
Step 2- Put the air cushion on top of your bike seat.
Step 3- Pull the elastic band from underneath the seat and then hook it to the other side.
Step 4- Rotate your seat and put it back.

Voila, wait, that sounds simple. Yes, it does. But, when you try to hook the elastic, as it is short in length, will come loose from the opposite side and that can be annoying, especially when it snaps at you.Once you’re done with everything - the exhausting part, the tricky part - it’s all worth it. The Fego air cushion can absorb all the jerks like a pro. Fego's website says that this cushion can reduce 46% jerks, but I think they are being modest and the percentage may be in the sixties. Having ironed out most of the potholes on Mumbai's streets, the next problem, which I faced during travelling, was that the mesh material doesn’t offer any sort of grip. You tend to keep adjusting your position every few minutes as you keep sliding forward. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can be annoying when you have constantly keep moving about, especially if you are out for a spirited session of riding your motorcycle.

I have put the cushion to good use and it seems to work better on short commutes in the city than anything else. You will love it if your neighbourhood is especially rutted, and you won't so much if you prefer exploring every inch of performance that your motorcycle has to offer. There is also the bit about the size of the seat itself. It seems to have been designed with laid back, classic touring motorcycles in mind and proves to be too large for use on most street motorcycles that we use. So, it isn't exactly the saviour of all things motorcycle, yet, but it seems to be a starting point and certainly works well as far as cushioning bumps is concerned.

Want one? All you need to do is visit their website (Fueladream.com)

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