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27 August 2014

September 9 launch for KTM’s RC twins

The wait is finally over: KTM's faired bikes are coming in two weeks

Abhinav Mishra
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Here come the faired versions of the KTM Duke 390 and 200!

If that’s what you think when you look at the RC twins, then we suggest you take a closer look.

More than dressed-up Dukes, the RC twins are actually proper thoroughbred track machines. You see, the underpinnings; though shared with their respective Duke cousins, have been extensively redone.

What you get is a shorter wheelbase (2.7cm shorter than the Duke), a higher seating position (0.8cm higher) and a steeper rake angle. The front suspension travel is down to 12.5cm (the Duke’s front suspension travel is around 15cm), fuel tank capacity is down by a litre, and it weighs 8 kilos more than the Duke. For more stats to help kickstart your trump card game, please visit the KTM website.

While the chassis has been tweaked, the engines remain untouched. The RC390’s 373cc motor makes 43bhp, and the RC 200’s 199.5cc motor makes 25 horses. The RC twins are meant to be track-devouring beasts that can be ridden on the road. The riding position will be far more aggressive than that of any bike sold in this segment in India.

KTM will be launching the bikes on September 9, and that's when we'll have prices for you. For the ride report, you will have to wait just a little longer, as we'll start nagging KTM for the RCs soon after launch.

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