Terra Motors at the Auto Expo

06 February 2014 - 07:28

Terra Motors at the Auto Expo

Since its inception in 2010, Terra Motors went on to dominate the electric two-wheeler market in Japan and continues to do so till date. Now they’re showing an interest in our market. Terra Motors is here at the Auto Expo this year and they have three very unique vehicles on display.

First up is the 1000cc electric superbike, the Kiwami. The sleek and futuristic designed sport-tourer, holds a 13.4bhp battery which propels this Jap tree-hugger to a max speed of 160kph. It, as you will remember, promises to deliver acceleration that rivals  litre-class bikes. The Kiwami will run a distance of 200kms before its battery fizzles out, and will require you to take a six-hour-long nap before hitting the road again. The Kiwami is yet to be homologated, but the company is expecting to launch the Kiwami, priced close to Rs 18 lakh, around April this year.

Next up is the A4000i electric scooter. What’s unique about the scooter is that it uses smartphone connectivity (through a bar-mounted dock) to display levels of power consumption, remaining battery among some other data which can be accessed through the cloud database. Its lithium battery (weighing 16kgs), which can be detached to charge, gives the scooter an estimated range of 65kms and takes around 4.5hours to charge up completely. The A4000i’s price hasn’t been announced yet, as the scoot is slated to launch much after the Kiwami.

Lastly, the T4 three-wheeler. The T4 looks like your average 1+3-seater auto-rickshaw, only this one's electric. It houses a lead acid / lithium-ion (optional) battery that takes 1-2 hours to recover full energy, and is capable of doing all of 80kms on a full battery. Yes, and it can be charged through a regular 100V-240V (two-pin) power outlet, just like a cellphone. This, sadly, is not coming to India anytime soon.

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