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21 June 2013

The 2013 Honda Dream Yuga is here

And surprise,'s got Honda's clever tech to help it extract a lot more out of every litre of petrol

Amaan Ahmed
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Honda 2 Wheelers has been on a roll this year. It first introduced its new Honda Eco Technology (HET) to its scooter line-up, then got its Karnataka plant up and running, launched the prim-and-proper Activa-i about 10 days ago and now, has added some "HET" magic to its commuter-segment saviour, the Dream Yuga.

Since its introduction about a year back, the Dream Yuga has sold 3 lakh units, and Honda, with its 2013 version, is out to maximise the bike's fuel efficiency. The 2013 Dream Yuga, as we discovered with our long-termer, is the real fill it-shut it-forget it city bike. Now that HET is thrown into the mix, Honda claims the Dream Yuga will now run 74 kilometres to every litre of petrol. That's a fair bit more than the earlier model, and is also the figure achieved by Honda's most inexpensive bike, the Dream Neo.

Available in Kick/Drums/Spoke, Kick/Drum/Alloy and Self/Drum/Alloy variants and five paint schemes, the 2013 Dream Yuga retails at Rs 45,101 (ex-showroom, Delhi). More HET Hondas are on their way, surely?


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