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05 September 2017

TVS Non-Stop Victor – the Final Leg

Completing the epic journey, after more than 3 days of non-stop riding

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The fourth and the final leg of our #nonstopVictor ride was one of the longest legs of our journey, starting from Gwalior and ending at the TVS factory gates in Nalagarh, covering 685 kilometres that took us almost 20 hours of continuous riding. And the reasons for our slow progress were the pathetic road conditions in and around Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and the miserable traffic sense in most part of Uttar Pradesh that didn’t allow Devesh to keep up to the desired average speed needed to cover the distance in what was expected to take us 14 hours. In addition, riding at night with the oncoming traffic blinding the rider with their high-beams didn’t help matters much.

The only saving grace on this leg was the superb Yamuna Expressway that let both the rider and the motorcycle stretch their legs and make up for the lost time. The Victor that had till now been running for almost 60 hours non-stop was more than happy to do triple digit speeds, yes the speedo did show 104, and that for a 110cc commuter motorcycle is a fantastic achievement. The surprising part was that even at those speeds, the Victor felt pretty composed and if the roads permitted, it could keep up to that speed for a couple of hundred kilometres more.


Although fatigue had started to set in as far as the rider was concerned, the Victor didn’t show any signs of slowing down. There were some rough patches along the route through Chandigarh, but the Victor’s fine suspension setup soaked up most road irregularities and made sure it was a comfortable ride for Devesh all the way up to Nalagarh. And by the time the two-wheeler had reached the TVS’ factory gates, our little blue motorcycle had cover 2769km and had been running for more than 74 hours, non-stop. That’s right, the engine wasn’t switched off, the electricals stayed on and together the Victor and the riders put up a great show and successfully completed the task in record time.


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