TVS Non-Stop Victor: Part 2

04 September 2017 - 03:35

TVS Non-Stop Victor: Part 2

The ride from Nagpur to Gwalior was going to be tricky. This leg was almost completely at night. And we're not fans of riding at night. Roughly 700km and over two states. The trick was to stay awake and focused. So the moment we reached Nagpur, we checked into a hotel and went to sleep. Fast forward to 6pm and we got a cal from Chris he had arrived. Time to get this show on the road. But wait, the backup cars were stuck in traffic way behind. Perks of having a tiny bike that will slice through traffic!

But the time we finally set off, it was nearly 8pm. It was properly dark and the traffic was at its peak. So getting out of Nagpur turned out to be quite a task. But once we were out of the city, the traffic thinned out and the roads opened up. The Victor had now settled into a constant crushing speed around 80kph. The smooth engine buzzing away gently as the yellow streetlights illuminated our way turned out to be quite therapeutic and hypnotic.

But not for long. Once we're past the city limits properly, the streetlights went away and the Victor's headlight was really put to use. Thankfully the roads were arrow straight and well laid. The Victor glided over it all effortlessly. Around 11pm, hunger hit and we stopped for dinner at a roadside dhabha. Turned out we had crossed over into Madhya Pradesh. The roads had become single carriageways by now. And once we had our fill of dinner we set off again.

The tree lined roads of MP threw a few corners our way too. And as always the Victor didn't shy away from them. It went around the corners as if it was born to do it. No complaints, no fidgeting. Just point and shoot. But the fun wouldn't last. A little past midnight, the rain came down. And it came down hard. Visibility became an issue and the speeds fell. But we carried on nonetheless. Sporadic rain went on over the next four hours.

Finally, by around 4am the rains stopped. But then that's when the bugs came out to play. Our helmets became a graveyard of sorts and that didn't help with visibility at all. But the sun would be up soon, so we carried on in hope.

The sun soon came up and with it came light and warmth. And it was time to swap out the clear visor for the cleaner dark visor. With the visibility issues sorted and the sun gently drying our wet gear, we pushed on. By now we were around 200km away from Gwalior.

The last 100km to Gwalior was in bad shape. Endless diversions and bad road conditions meant it took us close to two hours to finish the leg. By the time we got to the hotel it was near 11am. It was time for Devesh to head out for the final leg of the journey.

With the 700km done, we've realised that we arrived in Gwalior without any aches or pains. The Victor's incredible seat is to be given credit for this. It got us to Gwalior through the night through rain and bug showers. And it didn't falter even once. From being skeptics, we are now believers. The Victor could do anything. Now onward you go, little 110cc friend. Nalagarh awaits!

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