Two-Wheeler Design of the Year: Vespa

24 January 2013 - 06:32

Two-Wheeler Design of the Year: Vespa

Forget Ducatis and Beemers. The Two-Wheeler Design of the Year award goes to the humble Vespa. Yes, its performance is nowhere near as evocative as its looks. Yes, it’s too expensive to make sense as a sensible buy.

But even the most hardened sceptics will agree that the Vespa would look as much at home walking down a ramp as it does rolling down the road. It’s a fashion brochure come to life. And that’s what this award is all about.

Some call it cute, others call it beautiful. And they’re all correct. The Vespa’s recognisable shape comes with a host of apt bright colours (we don’t know why you’d want this one in black, though) that make for a standout drop in the traffic ocean. Every inch of the body panels, every little mechanical part has gotten the designer touch – it seems as if it was engineered by artists.

There are many people who’d want the Vespa as an accessory, albeit an accessory they can commute with. Its lines hark back to the aircraft-inspired Vespas of yore, but with a modern flow to them. All the usual clichés like ‘iconic’ and ‘timeless’ are applied to this scooter for a reason – take off all the badging and no one will ever have a problem identifying it as a Vespa. Only a Vespa looks like a Vespa. And no one makes scooters look cooler.


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