Vespa Primavera debuts at EICMA

05 November 2013 - 08:50

Vespa Primavera debuts at EICMA

The Piaggio group has been telling us that they intend get the Vespa 946 to India soon. With the exchange rate on the rise and the stock market having more fluctuations that your average ECG scans; a Rs 6.5 lakh (before taxes) scooter seems like an amazingly distant dream.

But all is not lost. This year at EICMA, Vespa has revealed the Primavera, the successor to the current Vespa LX. Yes, the LX is the same line of scooters being sold in India by Piaggio. The design formula has been the same over six decades, and since the retro looks go down well with the masses, there are only subtle changes here and there.

There are design elements taken from the 946 – the sculpted seat being the most obvious of them. Front and rear indicators have been redesigned too. As far as international markets go, the Primavera will be available with a range of engine options: from the puny 50cc to the top-of-the-line 300cc.

Sadly for India, when Vespa launches this successor to the LX, it will carry over the same 125cc engine as seen on the LX. Also, while it won’t be as expensive as the 946, don’t expect it to be cheaper than the current scoot either.

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