Yamaha Ray 'Precious Edition' launched

18 September 2013 - 04:33

Yamaha Ray 'Precious Edition' launched

Yamaha has always touted the Ray as a scoot for the young Indian woman. The standard scooter was feminine alright, but then Yamaha came up with the Y chromosome-attracting Ray Z, with some bold paintjobs and decals making it very manly. Now, to rake in the sales during the festive season, Yamaha has launched the 'Precious Edition' for its original target market.

A special-edition version, the 'Precious' Ray (called the Black n Beauty, for some reason) gets a new dual-tone paint scheme, with black dominating most of the bodywork. Then you've got what Yamaha calls "delicate pink patterns" pencilled onto the body. There's a few 'Precious Edition' stickers strewn around the scoot, and that's all that's unique to this limited-run Yamaha.

The 113cc engine's the same, power stays put at 7bhp and 8.1Nm of torque, and Yamaha claims the Precious will still return 45kpl in the city and 55kpl out on the highway, which means it should still be as excellent as it has always been. It costs Rs 48,605 ex-showroom, Delhi, which is a full Rs 50 more than the hairy-chested Ray Z. Does your inner Gollum covet the Yamaha 'Precious'?

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