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James on: improving his Ferrari 458

Posted by TopGear.com at 03:18 am on Tuesday November 19, 2013

May loves his 458. This is a fact. But he's been wondering how it could be even better...

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Jeremy on: too much power

Posted by TopGear.com at 12:02 pm on Saturday October 05, 2013

Less powweeerrrr! Did you ever believe you’d hear JC say that? But he’s found a way to escape from the bhp arms race

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Jeremy on: the Lexus LFA

Posted by TopGear.com at 06:30 am on Saturday December 22, 2012

How can a super-expensive car with outdated technology and zero personality be Jeremy’s supercar of choice? Because it’s a machine

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Jeremy Clarkson on: Brits

Posted by TopGear.com at 05:46 am on Thursday September 27, 2012

Why do Brits delight in the misfortune of others? And mock those with supercars?

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Paris Motor Show - before day one

Posted by TopGear.com at 09:21 am on Friday September 28, 2012

Sriram Narayanan is on the Paris Motor Show floor, visiting booths and soaking in the experience. These are his day one impressions...

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