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Jerome D’Ambrosio: Things could spice up in Marrakesh again

The next stop on the Season 5 calendar is Marrakesh and I’m hopeful of maintaining the team’s strong Moroccan performance with my second Mahindra Racing podium. We’re approaching the race weekend knowing we have the pace and we can fight at the front for the win.
Over the festive break I was able to take some time out to travel and to completely disconnect which helps when I race; I come back feeling refreshed and energised. I’ve been working hard with the team in the simulator to make sure we’re always improving at each race and I think we’ll be stronger this time out than we were in Saudi Arabia.
In Riyadh we saw how the new Attack Mode can really spice things up, so it will be interesting to see how teams use this strategy in the second race, especially for the front runners. We saw the impact it can have under changing track conditions with a full course yellow and safety car when you can still enable it on the restart.
I really enjoy Marrakesh and the track is quite challenging especially at turn seven; at the end of the straight, the wall comes straight back at you on the exit. The track is a little unusual because there are some parts of the circuit that are semi-permanent and that’s something that we’re not used to seeing in Formula E.
I’ve not had my best performances here in the past but I’m going to make sure I change that this time around and, of course, any extra power thanks to your Fanboost will always help. Mahindra Racing has always finished on the podium in Morocco so let’s see what the race with bring, but ultimately the goal is to have another good race and keep fighting for the championship.

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