Paris Motor Show - before day one

Posted by Sriram Narayanan at 09:21 am on Friday September 28, 2012

The Paris Motor Show is just about to begin in a couple of hours and our man Sriram Narayanan will be stall-hopping over there. Before it starts, here’s a preview of what he has managed to sniff out of the impending launches from the VW group.

Bentley will be showing a Continental GT3 race car. Details and specifications aren’t out, but this car will mark Bentley’s return to competitive racing.

Volkswagen unveiled some Bluemotion Golfs that they say are so efficient and so carbon-friendly, we reckon all the birds and bees in Paris are going to hover around it. However, the company also says there will be a big surprise awaiting you once the show opens.

Lamborghini showed some face-lifted versions of the Gallardo, and Bugatti unveiled the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. This 1200bhp roofless rocket can touch 375kph, which seems slow for a Bugatti. If you want to go faster, though, folding the roof up can get the car to 410kph. Whatever, we think this car is the type that can take the hair out of your head.

New members of the VW Group, Ducati showcased the new Multistrada with a Pikes Peak edition and an updated version of the company’s flagship, the 999 Panignale.

The highlight, though, is Porsche’s Panamera Sport Turismo concept. Now, we utterly love the Panamera despite its looks. What this concept does is give the rear of the four-door supercar more of shooting brake look and the car looks utterly sensational from the rear and the rear-three quarters – exactly the same angles in which the conventional Panamera looks wart-ugly. While this body-style looks better, it will also allow way more boot space than the conventional Panamera. Basically, it’s Porsche's answer to the Ferrari FF with two extra doors. If it hits production, it will be way cheaper than the Ferrari.

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