The chaps introduce the last episode of the series

Posted by topgear at 07:30 am on Thursday August 16, 2012

Alas, it is the end of Series 18, and what a run we’ve had: who could forget our supercar shootout in Italy, a trip to China and Kung Fu Stig, the Ferrari FF vs Bentley on ice, the lightly insane C63 Black series and Saab tribute, and of course, the aeroplane-engined BMW Brutus and Bentley monsters?

Not us. And we’re not going to forget the guests from this series’ Star In A Reasonably Priced Car in a hurry either: will-dot-I-dot-am-dot, Hollywood star Matt LeBlanc, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, the generously-packaged Michael Fassbender, Dr Who and cheese fetishist Alex James.

Well Internet, we’ve got a cracker of an episode this week, so we’ll hand over to Jeremy, James and Richard to tell you what’s what.

As always, tune in Wednesday night, BBC Entertainment at 11pm, and then check back on on Thursday for literally some more stuff. Enjoy the show!

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