22 October 2012

TopGear's going for another record...

The TG Live Stunt Team will attempt a double loop-the-loop... on a motorbike
Car image

Holy mother of NO WAY! We’re pleased – and slightly nervous – to announce that this Thursday the Top Gear Live Stunt Team will attempt a New World Record by completing the first double loop-the-loop on a motorbike. The men with the big manparts are attempting the record at Top Gear Live at Birmingham’s NEC NEXT WEEK (25-28 October)!

We’re getting pretty good at driving around loops now, y’know. In South Africa this summer, the stunt team completed a double loop-the-loop in a car, earning them the ‘First Double Loop by a Car’ Guinness World Record. But they’ve clearly been saving the best ‘til last – British fans will now get to witness an even more technically challenging 720: on two wheels.

We’ll be using the same pair of eight metre tall steel loops as featured in South Africa. This time, though, speeds are higher because the bike – a standard KTM 250 SX-F with recalibrated dampers to cope with the extreme demands – must travel at between 27mph and 29mph to avoid falling out of the sky or the rider blacking out. And ending up in a fiery crash.

The world record attempt is part of nine action-packed Arena Shows staged over the four days at the NEC – all hosted by Jeremy, Richard and James. As the story unfolds you will be able to watch history – or embarrassing failure…

Reckon they’ll pull it off, TopGear.commers?


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