Video: James and Jeremy introduce series 18 of TopGear!

Posted by Richard Porter at 06:46 am on Thursday August 16, 2012

Hello again,

So TopGear is back on your television this Wednesday at 11:00pm for what is, remarkably, our 18th series and our TENTH year on air. Frankly, no one thought we’d be going this long, least of all us. But somehow we are, and we like to think we’re still delivering high quality lumps of car-related entertainment.

In fact, this week’s show is more than a little car-related. It’s actually a concentrated injection of pure, uncut supercar directly into the phwoar gland. Wherever that is. I was going to tell you more about it here but happily TV’s James May has stepped in and made a short video presentation about the show, featuring a guest appearance from TV’s Jeremy Clarkson who gives a brief guide to the rest of the series. Enjoy.

Enjoy the show, and see you on Wednesday, 11:00pm only on BBC Entertainment.

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